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Even if the law is rather vague regarding the transportation of our furry or feathery friends, some precautions in using simple common sense are necessary to preserve your safety and the safety of others while on the road.

A general rule is for you to always keep control of the vehicle. To do this you must always know the rules of the road for how you should carry an animal in a car, be it a dog, a cat, a parrot or a boa constrictor.

Always use common sense: no animal should be loose in the car!

There should be no question of driving with a dog on your lap or cat on your shoulders, even if one or the other is of exemplary behavior. This means that no animal, whatever it is, should “flow” freely within the cabin. This freedom that is given to your pet may result in a fine and even an accident! A simple reason: an animal may react unpredictably plus an animal can distract the driver and that can have serious consequences.

Everyone must be buckled in or caged… animals included!

For dogs and cats, there are straps that attach to one side of the seat belt buckle, the other on the collar, or better, on the harness of the animal (that is more comfortable). In all cases, you need to install the leash or container in the back of the vehicle and ensure that the strap is long enough for it to be installed on the floor of the car.

On the possibility that you go on a very long journey, it is better for your pets to travel on an empty stomach in order to limit the consequences of a possible “removal”. Limit meals and snacks until you can get to a place where the food can sit for awhile before traveling again.

While we here at Blair Stover Car Fanatic don’t travel often with our furry friends, for those who do what is your number one rule when driving with pets in the car?

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